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 Have you seen our new music video for “Some Place On Earth” yet?! 

Check it out right now above and let us know what you think!

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Q: What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever given you or done in front of you?

'A Very TDF Christmas' Part 2!


‘A Very TDF Christmas’ video project!

Hey guys! I know I do video projects for The Downtown Fiction quite a lot, but I am hoping to do yet another one for the holiday season. Last year’s Christmas video had an amazing turn out, and I’m hoping for the same this year! As of right now, the deadline is Saturday, December 14!  And I am hoping to make this the biggest video project I have ever done, even bigger than last year’s video, so I need as many submissions as possible! More info below!

What can you contribute to the video?

        A picture with you and any member of TDF (along with your photo, I would prefer that you add a ‘happy holidays TDF’ type of message and/or a ‘what TDF means to me’ type of message that I can include)

·        A picture of you and any member of TDF, edited to be Christmas/holiday themed

·        A video for the band telling them what they mean to you, or anything else you may want to say (I am really hoping for a lot of videos this year!!)

·        A Christmas card for TDF (a picture of the card, please)

·        Decorate a Pineapple and take a picture

·        Create TDF-themed Christmas decorations and snap a picture

As previously stated, submissions are due by Saturday, December 14!

Where to send submissions:

To send in submissions, please submit them here, or tweet me on any of these accounts:




Any questions? Feel free to ask!



It’s finally ready for you! Our new song “Some Place On Earth” is now available on iTunes! Get your copy here:

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@cameronleahy: The Good Morning Song! 

The Downtown Fiction sign to Fearless Records!


Hey guys! We just joined the Fearless Family and want you to join too by being a part of our Street Team! You will be assigned missions and will earn exclusive prizes for helping us! 

To join send an email here: